Vegetable Biryani    |    14
Basmati rice cooked with vegetables, herbs and a touch of saffron

Chicken Biryani    |    16
Saffron rice cooked with herbs and chicken, Jeera & Salt

Lamb Biryani    |    18

Basmati saffron rice simmered with lamb and spices

Goat Biryani    |    18
Fresh Goat and rice cooked with herbs

Shrimp Biryani    |    20

Pealed shrimps and saffron basmati simmered with spices

Jeera Rice    |    6

Peas Pulao    |    6​​

Punjabi Flavors from the Clay Oven 

Lentil Soup    |    5
Mild touch of herbs & spice

Tomato Soup    |    5
Made with fresh tomato purée with Chef’s touch of mild herbs

Chef Salad    |    6

Rayta    |    4
Onion Beat    |    3

Pickle     |    3

Papard    |    2

Mango Chutney    |    3



Lunch Box To-Go


India Kitchen Catering 

Breads from Tandoor

Pick Your Choice of Lassi    |    5
Mango      |      Sweet      |     Jeera      |      Salt

Chef's Special Blend of Jal Jeera    |    5

Chef's blended Masala Tea    |    3

Pick Your Choice of Soda    |    2.50

Still Water - Small    |    2

Sparkling Water - Large    |    6​​

Non - Vegetarian

Tandoori Chicken 1/2    |    14
Fresh baby Chicken marinated in herbs & yoghurt paste,

baked in clay oven
Badami Chicken    |    16
Marinated in Chef's special spices and coated in

chickpeas flour & egg, grilled in the tandoor

Chicken Tikka    |    16

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in selected

herbs and grilled in clay oven

Achari Chicken    |    18

Seasoned with pickle and herbs grilled in tandoor

Chicken Seekh Kabab   |    18

Minced Chicken tempered with chopped onions, ginger, garlic paste,

Chef’s hand-picked herbs and rolled over a skewer and slow cooked in clay oven

Fish Tikka   |    24
Fillet of fresh fish marinated in spices and herbs baked in Clay Oven

Tandoori Vegetables   |    16

Garden fresh vegetables marinated in

Chef's choice of spices and tangy paste grilled in tandoor

Nimbu Paneer Tikka   |    16

Cubes of cottage cheeses tossed in

lemon pickle paste & herbs, grilled in clay oven

Tandoori Lamb Chops   |    33

Marinated overnight in Chef's special herbs

and char grilled 

Tandoori Shrimp   |    30

Marinated in lemon, herbs

and grilled in clay oven​​

Chicken Samosa    |    11
Crispy patties stuffed with minced chicken,

mildly flavored with Chef’s picked herbs - 3 Pcs
Chili Chicken    |    11
Boneless pieces of chicken sautéed with hot chilies and cubes of bell pepper,

finished in onion, ginger, garlic & tomato sauce
Fish Amritsari    |    11
Fresh Tilapia, mildly marinated with herbs and fried​​

Garden Fresh Vegetables

From the Sea

India Kitchen Curries

Main Course

11:30 am - 3 pm Everyday

Chef's Selection of Soups

Ras Malai    |    6
Cheese dumplings dipped in condensed milk, garnished with cardamom

Gulab Jamun    |    6
Deep fried cheese dumplings dipped in honey syrup and cardamom​

Rice Kheer    |    6

Rice pudding with dry raisins and shredded almonds​​

India Kitchen Drinks

Lamb and Goat

Fish Curry    |    19
Fillet of boneless fresh fish cooked in spices and herbs

Goan fish curry    |    18
Spicy fish curry in Goan masala & herbs

Shrimp Curry    |    19

Shrimp simmered in Chef’s special herbs and spices

Bhuna Shrimp    |    19
Shrimp stir fried on slow fire with chopped onions,

tomatoes, bell pepper & spices

Fish Vindaloo   |    22​

Cubes of fresh fish soaked overnight in spicy Goan masala

and vinaigrette simmered over low heat 

Shrimp Vindaloo   |    22​
Shrimp soaked overnight in spicy Goan masala 

and vinaigrette simmered over low heat 

​Kadai Shrimp   |    19
Stir Fried with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes

All lunch boxes come with

the vegetable of the day, daal, rice and naan  

Vegetarian    |    9

Chicken    |    10

Lamb    |    11

Tandoori    |    11​​

Please call us for details

Vegetarian Full Tray    |    125

Vegetarian Half Tray    |    65

Chicken Full Tray    |    150

Chicken Half Tray    |    75

Lamb Full Tray    |    195

Lamb Half Tray    |    99​​

Saag Paneer    |    15
Spinach and cottage cheese cooked in fresh ginger,

garlic paste and herbs

Kadai Paneer   |    17
Stir Fried with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes

Paneer Makhni   |    16
A delicacy of Punjab - Paneer pieces half grilled in clay oven 
simmered over low fire in Garden fresh tomato sauce with a touch of cream

Shahi Paneer   |    17
Paneer cooked with dry fruits in creamy sauce and mild herbs​
Baingan Bharatha    |    15
Roasted mashed eggplant cooked with onions, green peas & spices

Paneer Bhurji    |    16

Shredded homemade cheese cooked with onions green peppers

Malai Kofta    |    15
Vegetable and cheese dumplings simmered in creamy curry sauce

Mix Vegetable curry    |    15

Mixed vegetables cooked in exotic spices and herbs

Aloo Gobi    |    15
Cauliflower and potatoes simmered with selected herbs and spices

Bhindi Masala    |    15

Garden fresh cut okra sautéed with

Chef selected herbs and spices garnished with onions and tomatoes

Channa Masala    |    14

Chickpeas pan cooked with tomatoes, onions & spices

India Kitchen Daal    |    12

​Black lentils simmered overnight on slow fire

Yellow Daal Tarka    |    12

Yellow lentils cooked with Chef picked spices

Aloo Vindaloo    |    15
Potato’s soaked overnight in spicy masala,

vinaigrette sauce and cooked with Goan special herbs

Paneer Roll    |    9

Channa Masal Roll    |    9

Bhuna Chicken Roll    |    10

Lamb Keema Roll    |    11

Pav Bhaji    |    12

Paneer Pav Bhaji    |    12

Lamb Keema Pav    |    15​​



Lamb Shahi Korma   |    18

Lamb cooked with dry fruits in creamy sauce with mild herbs

Lamb Rogan Josh    |    17
Lamb slow cooked with herbs and spices from Kashmir

Lamb Vindaloo    |    18
Cubes of fresh lamb soaked overnight in spicy Goan masala

and vinaigrette simmered over low fire

Lamb Saag    |    18

Lamb and spinach cooked together mildly spiced
in Chef selected herbs

Lamb  Keema Matar    |    18
Ground Lamb is cooked with green peas and Chef selected herbs

Goat Curry    |    18

Fresh goat with bones simmered in Chef's hand-picked herbs​​

Tandoori Roti    |    4
Whole wheat bread backed in clay oven

Lachaa Pratha    |    4
Layered whole wheat bread buttered and baked

Aloo Pratha    |    5

Wheat bread filled with herbs and spice potatoes

Naan    |    4
World famous white flour bread with choice of butter or without butter

Onion Kulcha    |    5

White flour bread stuffed onions and baked in Tandoor

Garlic Naan    |    5

Bread stuffed with chopped fresh garlic and baked

Cheese and Spinach Naan    |    5

​Bread stuffed with spinach and cheese baked

Keema Naan    |    7

Bread stuffed with minced lamb, herbs and baked in clay oven

Poori    |    6

Fluffy deep fried​ bread​​​


India Kitchen Specials               11:30 am - 10:30 pm Everyday 

Vegetable Samosa    |    8
Crispy deep fried patties filled with potatoes & green peas - 3 Pcs

Aloo Tikki    |    8
Semi mashed potato patties shallow fried,

served with mint & tamarind chutney - 2 Pcs
Vegetable Pakora    |    8
Combination of vegetables coated with chick peas flower,

fried with a pinch of the Chef’s special herbs
Aloo Papri Chaat    |    8
Crisps, diced potatoes and chickpeas tossed in a

tangy tamarind and mint chutney
Chili Paneer    |    10
Cubes of cottage cheese sautéed in fresh ginger-garlic paste,

and cubes of green & red peppers finished in spicy tomato sauce.​​
Gobi Manchurian    |    10
Finely chopped cauliflower dumplings,

stir-fried in hot garlic, ginger and tomato sauce​​

Chicken Curry    |    14
Chicken cubes simmered in selected spices and herbs

Chicken Tikka Masala    |    15
Pieces of chicken grilled in Tandoor and finished

with mild flavors in fresh tomatoes purée and cream

Spinach Chicken    |    14

Cubes of chicken cooked with spinach simmered
in fresh ginger-garlic paste

Chicken Vindaloo    |    16
Chicken soaked overnight in spicy masala vinaigrette sauce

and cooked with Goan special herbs

Chicken Shahi Korma    |    18

Chicken cooked with dry fruits in creamy sauce with mild herbs

Chicken Makhani    |    15
A delicacy of Punjab - chicken pieces half grilled in clay oven

simmered over low fire in garden fresh tomato sauce with a touch of cream

Kadai Chicken   |    16

Stir Fried with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes​​